Meet The Face Behind Skyline Paperie ...

I'm a paper lover, a memory documenter, a storyteller and a curator of beautiful things. Skyline Paperie is my little home on the world wide web and I'm so glad you stopped by! 

I was born and raised in Montreal but at the age of twenty-three I caught a case of wanderlust and, on a bit of a whim, decided to move across the country all on my own. I now live with my handsome husband, Alan, and our sweet daughter, Lina, on the west coast of Canada in beautiful British Columbia - the best place on earth (our license plates say it, so it must be true!) We are both bonafide foodies who love board games, coffee dates and a great action-filled spy movie. My wanderlust stuck around and is apparently contagious ... so when we're not exploring the Pacific Northwest or traveling the globe, we're busy mapping out our next adventure and adding destinations to our bucket list. 

I've been involved in the paper crafting industry for over 10 years - first as a scrapbook store employee, then as a blogger and design team member. I've partnered with kit clubs, manufacturers and retailers, sharing my love of memory keeping and helping others discover ways to document their own stories. I have a small online shop and I also do custom albums and invitations. I spend time creating every single day - and no, it never gets boring!

I believe everyone has a story worth telling and I’m excited to help you share yours! So go ahead and grab your photos, a pen, a glue stick and a handful of glitter and let’s get busy!