Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lawn Fawndamentals - Ink Pad Review

First things first - thank you so much for all the sweet words and congratulations left on my pregnancy announcement post. I've waited so long to be able to write a post like that, and the fact that it was met with such excitement and support meant the world.

I'm finally starting to feel a bit better (ahhh that wonderful second trimester bliss) and I celebrated by doing a little shopping! I love Lawn Fawn stamps and have been wanting to try out their ink pads for awhile now, so when my local scrapbook store sent out a newsletter saying they were in stock I ran down there to pick up a few.

I chose 4 colors - Fresh Lavender (soft purple), Merman (turquoise), Carrot (orange) and Plastic Flamingo (hot pink). The ink pads are all acid free, dye-based inks. They currently retail for approx. $6.00 US or $7.99 CDN.  

So, what was my overall impression? 

They're very similar in quality to the Hero Arts shadow inks. As with the shadow inks, the cardstock or paper absorbs the color as the ink dries so I'm not sure they'd be good for small sentiments or intricate designs, but they sure look great with everything else! The packaging is cute, the price is reasonable and the colors look great - bold and vibrant.

I love all of colors available, but if I had to pick a favorite it would be "Merman" … it's just the perfect shade of turquoise! I was a little disappointed in the "Fresh Lavender" color as the ink didn't transfer as well as the other colors, but that might have been a stamping issue on my part.

Bottom line? I'm a fan! I'm sure I'll be adding more colors to my stash soon :)

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