Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Life In Lists … Embracing The "Listers Gotta List" Challenge

A few months ago, some of the ladies over on the Scrapbook Nerd message board started talking about this challenge called Listers Gotta List. Cori Spieker, aka the "Reset Girl" for those you immersed in the world of daily planners, is the mastermind behind the Listers Gotta List challenge. Every month, she sends out a list of prompts (one prompt for each day of the month) and the idea is to take those prompts and write simple, bullet point lists outlining your answers. It's a quick and easy way to make sure that you're taking time to document yourself and the random, everyday things that make you who you are!

I've been receiving the free email prompts since the launch in April, but this month marks the first time I'll be participating and writing lists of my own. There are many ways one can participate - you can jot down your answers in a notebook with zero embellishments whatsoever, create a whole 12x12 layout or do something in-between ... it's entirely up to you! I've decided to put all my lists in a coral 4x4 album by We R Memory Keepers. I won't be doing all of the prompts each month, but I'll choose a handful that speak to me and create a cute little 4x4 card with my answers on it. Here's a peek of what I've done so far …

If you're interested to see how I put together the cover page for this mini album, I did make a video! 
You can view it right here.

For more information on the Listers Gotta List challenge …


  1. It is funny you would do this blog post now because I just signed up for Listers Got List too. I'm going to do them on PL cards. They will start out in my planner, but I will eventually move them to either my PL album or an album of their own. Today is the 10th and so far, I have completed 1. I know I won't get them all done - as some are not at all interesting - but they will be fun to sprinkle in now and again. Your album is really adorable - and I recognize that prompt. Very cutely done.

  2. This is such a cute little album and I'm intrigued by Listers Gotta List (I love lists) so I'm heading off to check it out :)

  3. Just wanted to pop back and let you know that I have now signed up for Listers Gotta List. I love it - and will be using some of my lists in my WITL album. Thanks for the great share x

    1. Yay! That's awesome Clair, so glad to hear you're joining in. Can't wait to get a peek at some of your lists :)


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