Friday, July 3, 2015

Shoreline - July Counterfeit Kit

Alright, I admit it … I'm in a creative slump.

This probably isn't a huge surprise to those of you who stop by my blog on a regular basis. For the past few months, I've been putting together really nice kits for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge but I haven't really been using them. I thought coming back from Europe with hundreds of photos to scrapbook would be enough to pull me out of my slump but every time I sit down at my desk and try to put together a layout I end up just pushing papers around. My creative mojo is missing in action, guys, and it sucks.

This month, I'm determined to scrap something - anything! I decided to make a few changes in a desperate attempt to get back into the crafting groove. I completely reorganized my office/scrapbook room, sorting through products and purging LOTS (more on that another day). I've downloaded about a dozen sketches to use as jumping off points.

And, of course, I have my trusty Counterfeit Kit to work with, which I'm calling Shoreline … 

(Apologies for the poor quality photos. The gold foil made it very difficult to photograph!) 

This month, the team at CKC was asked to used the monochromatic March kit from Scrapabilly as inspiration. The kit had lots of turquoise and green, with splashes of brown. To create my counterfeit version, I pulled together a handful of pale blue and woodgrain papers (the closest thing I have to turquoise and brown) and added a little pale pink. I also included lots of frames and 2 sheets of white alphas to mimic the frames and alphabet stickers in the original kit.

Shoreline has a subtle travel vibe to it so hopefully *fingers and toes crossed* I'll be able to use this to get some of my Europe photos documented. I'll also be using my June kit, Bella Notte, since I made a grand total of one layout last month and have lots of product left over! Stay tuned.

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  1. Creative slumps stink! And the more you try to force yourself out of it, the harder it gets right? I think you have a great plan and a beautiful kit to work with - love those pretty frames and the fun flair!

  2. Hope you find your mojo soon. With this kit and photos from your recent travels you can't go wrong. Great frames, flairs and corky hearts!

  3. I love your fun summery travel inspired kit! I hope it gets your mojo flowing!

  4. Hoping you can pull out of your slump and get creating. You have some fabulous supplies ready to go. We are here to cheer you on!

  5. Slumps are the worst. I hope this lovely little kit get you back to playing with paper and pretties. We miss seeing your work.

  6. Sometimes it's like that. You will break through! xoxoxo

  7. I really like your kit - the colors and flairs. I hope that you get out of your slump. You create such wonderful layouts! I would love to see some of Europe through your pictures!

  8. Beautiful kit, love the pops of color with all the nuetrals :) Yep totally understand what your going through, Ive been in a weird slump myself (thinking the weather may have something to do with that :) I look forward to seeing something cute with your kit :)


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