Monday, June 1, 2015

Bella Notte - June Counterfeit Kit

Hello everyone! Let's just jump right into it, shall we? As today is the first of a new month, there is a new kit to counterfeit over on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog.

If you've been playing along with us for awhile now you know that, usually, we pick a "real life" kit and use it as a source of inspiration for our own counterfeit versions. That said, sometimes we like to switch things up …. so, this month, we were challenged us to pick one (or more) of the new Basic Grey collections and use it to inspire our own kit.

I've been eyeing the Aurora collection ever since it debuted at CHA. The celestial trend is one that I absolutely love and I'm totally guilty of snatching up everything and anything with stars or constellations on it …. so, no big surprise that I chose to use Aurora as my inspiration.

The Real Collection … 
My Aurora Inspired Counterfeit Kit … 
★ Basic Grey's Aurora Collection ★ 
Color Palette - Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Gold, Teal
Patterns - Stars, Constellations, Stripes, Squares, Triangles
Overall Vibe - Fly Me To The Moon meets The Great Gatsby

Here are a few more peeks of my counterfeit kit … 

You'll notice I didn't include many embellishments in this month's kit. There's a reason for that - I've come to realize that I prefer to pick out embellishments as I create. I like giving myself the freedom to choose the PERFECT embellishment for a layout, rather than force myself to use something I'd pre-selected. So, this month, I've got tons of papers and I'll pick out embellishments later.

Next up on the hop is Susanne 
Be sure to swing by her blog to see how she was inspired by the original kit 


  1. I'm suspecting that I'll be seeing some 'out of this world' great projections from your collection! The star papers and triangle papers are especially fun in my opinion. I love your color palette too! Enjoy!

  2. Love it - really tempting papers you've chosen here. Enjoy!

  3. Very nice kit. I think you have something there on the embellishments. This past month I didn't use many of the embellies I had picked and kept going into my stash. I think I will try your idea this month.

  4. I love your take on Aurora! Very pretty kit, and I love the embellishments that you chose!

  5. Isn't it great how following CKC we all learn so much about our own style and especially process? Looks like you struck a chord with some of us with the idea of choosing embellies on the fly. Love the paper combo you have put together. Lots of energy. Happy scrapping!

  6. LOVE the name!
    It is always interesting to me how we each make the kit our own - something we couldn't do with a prepackaged kit subscription. You've let the inspiration help you to gather the foundational paper pieces,
    leaving you free to stash dive for the rest! Sounds like fun :D

  7. Cute kit, love the colors you pulled out.
    Cindy F.

  8. I love it. Can I buy it?!?! Just a wonderful mix of papers and you hit the mark with "Fly Me To The Moon meets The Great Gatsby" - perfect. I could definitely scrap with these papers although I agree with Leslie that it's interesting that we all learn a lot about our processes, and I love that I have limited embellies in the kit. I add in whatever I think is missing though too! :-) Everything goes right?!?

    Can I ask what the two star papers are? The white stars on black and then that pink bokeh and star design?

  9. Wow Gorgeous kit! Love your take on the kit so pretty and love how your handing the embellishments too, very smart way to do it :) I like to do the same sometimes too with my kits and yes we can do that :) Love the gold stars on the white background that was so cool!

  10. NO rules...just right! It is hard to choose the embellishments ahead of time, so you can test some out while scrapping to create the perfect fit. Loving those teal letter stickers. Totally a winner!

  11. Your description of the Aurora vibe is perfect and I love what you used to make your counterfeit kit! The colors are gorgeous. I also like your take on adding embellishments later - sometimes I get stumped about what to add to my kit and end up picking something else out that better fits my completed page. Either way though I'm using up my supplies so it's a win-win!

  12. This has a great travel vibe to it.... celestial too. I totally agree about adding the embellishments later... sometimes I'm stuck the same way. Great idea :)

  13. You've substituted pinks for the purples and it works. And I love all that Jade/aqua. I agree with Susan, however you do your embellishments,it is a win win if you use them.


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