Friday, July 11, 2014

One Last Wedding Layout - The Bridal Party

Remember a few weeks ago when I said I was done my wedding album? Okay, well, I guess you could say that I accidentally lied abut that. As I was going through my July Counterfeit kit, Ghirardelli Square, I couldn't help but notice that its colors were perfect for wedding photos - especially our wedding where our color scheme was purple, grey and yellow. I found a photo of our bridal party that I hadn't scrapbooked yet and decided my wedding album could use another page.

Here's the layout I made using my counterfeit kit … 

I used washi tape around the edges of the white card stock to create a border. I really liked how it turned out and I think it helps draw the eye in toward the photograph.

Now, time to get back to scrapbooking our honeymoon photos. I hope everyone has a great weekend! xo


  1. What a great wedding layout! Love that photo.

  2. Beautiful.. both the wedding party and the LO!

  3. This is so pretty. I'm a big fan of washi tape borders lately too.

  4. Beautiful layout, wow love the purple that was chosen for the bridal party too. the washi tape on the edge of the paper is a fantastic look (Oh I'll be lifting this :) .
    Looking forward to seeing your vacation album too, I sorted the pictures the other night and got lots of pages to do by the way it looks, so I'm lookinf forward to some inspiration when you start yours. Can't wait to see San Fransisco through your eyes :) That is one place I look forward to seeing some time in my life time :)

    1. thank you! Believe it or not, the bridesmaids all chose their own dresses. I went to Home Depot, chose a paint swatch thingy in a shade of purple that I liked and off they went to find dresses they loved. I couldn't believe how well everything matched and coordinated at the end of the day :)

  5. Beautiful. Layout, what a great use go the washi tape.

  6. This is gorgeous!! Love the washi tape boarder!


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