Tuesday, May 6, 2014

An Inexpensive Way To Store Your Flair ...

Way back in August, I shared a simple, inexpensive storage idea for organizing packages of bling and enamel dots - you can head over here to read that post and leave some love. I'm back today with another storage idea and this time I'm tackling flair buttons!

I LOVE flair. I sell flair in the Skyline Paperie shop, I use flair on own my layouts and I've accumulated quite the collection over these past few months. They're a great embellishment to have on hand and these days you can find flair designs for everything from days of the week to coffee cups to funny expressions and sentiments.

I was storing my flair in a plastic ziplock bag but as my stash grew that solution became less practical. Every time I reached for a flair button, I had to empty the whole bag onto my desk in order to find the design I needed. I wanted a system that allowed me to see each button easily. The solution?

I found this plastic tray at my local dollar store. It's designed to be used to organize utensils and cutlery in a kitchen drawer but it also works *perfectly* for storing flair buttons! I have 50+ buttons in the tray at the moment, and I could easily fit more if I removed those packages of enamel dots at the back.

The tray was a whopping $1 and I love being able to have all my flair together, easily accessible. I also love that I can tuck the tray away in a desk drawer when I'm not using it.

How do YOU store your flair buttons? I would love to hear your organization tips & see photos of your  space so please feel free to link up below!


  1. So cool!!! I really love your idea! :D

  2. Great idea for flair storage. TFS

  3. Love this..if only I had a spare drawer to store it in..and getting flair buttons in the UK is not easy so I don't have too many yet..but I love the ziplock bag idea for now


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