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Scrapper In The City - Meet Lisa Hiddy

One of the things I love most about scrapbooking is the community that you become a part of when you begin creating and sharing your projects with others. Over the years I've made so many friends - both online and in "real life" - that I never would have met had it not been for this hobby! While I'm active on a message board and in a handful of Facebook groups, blogging has really been the platform through which I've made connections and found inspiration.

There are *thousands* of awesome paper-crafting blogs out there and it's probably impossible to read them all - but that doesn't mean we can't try!! For 2014, I'll be doing a monthly post called Scrapper In The City where I feature a little Q&A with a blogger whose work I admire. I love being introduced to new people in the scrapbook community and I hope you do too!

Today I want you to meet Lisa Hiddy ...

Lisa is the co-owner of the Sketch N Scrap site, a sketch artist, a design team member, a volunteer and a mom!! I really have no idea how she balances it all. Lisa was kind enough to sit down with me (virtually, of course, since we live almost 3,000 miles apart) and share her thoughts on finding inspiration, running a challenge blog and applying for design teams.

Hi Lisa! Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Lisa Hiddy. I grew up in the Midwest, God's country, but now live in the Great State of Texas and am loving every minute of it! I started scrapbooking in 1997 right after the birth of my son to tell his birth story but decided to just keep on telling all the crazy, everyday stories of our lives! I love to watch professional football and college basketball, I'm a talk radio fanatic, I love sharing the love of paper crafting through a card ministry I developed at my church as well as through other fun volunteer activities with women and children's groups! I also love a good mystery and love to travel around this great country of ours!

How would you describe your scrapbooking style? Any favorite manufacturers?
My scrap style has evolved over the years, but is really just clean and simple letting the photos shine through and tell their story! My current manufacturer favs are: Elle's Studio, Webster's Pages and Echo Park.

Which product in the Skyline Paperie shop tops your wish list right now?
I love them all! But at the top of my wish list are the blossom cabochons .. they scream spring which is what I SOOO longing for ... the aqua houndstooth and the grey triangle washi tapes .. two really hot colors I am loving to create with right now .. and the kraft and white flair buttons - a perfect accent for any page!

Can you share a bit of Sketch N Scrap's story ... how did it all begin?
Sketch N Scrap is the brain child of our founder Jewels Price who asked me to design sketches for us back in May of 2012. Eventually Jewels had to step down for family reasons and rather then close the blog, which was still in its infancy, she asked me to take it over. As we started to grow it became evident it was more then a one woman show so I asked my friend and original designer Kelly Holifield to step up as co-owner.

What's your favorite part of running a sketch blog?
I have learned a lot the past almost 2 years but I wouldn't change one moment of it! The best parts of running a challenge blog, to me, is being able to share my sketches with others and see my little idea take a life of its own when interpreted by some amazing and talented paper crafters! The second best part is the friendships and relationships I have developed with my design team members! I have had the privilege to work with so many talented and creative ladies who share my love of paper crafting!

A sketch Lisa created for Sketch N Scrap on the left ; on the right is her take on it 
In addition to Sketch N Scrap, you've been on several design teams. What advice do you have for scrapbookers hoping to make it onto a team for the first time? 
The best advice I can give you is: NEVER GIVE UP!!! Just because you are not picked it isn't because your work isn't good enough, it's usually that they weren't looking for your style at that time. Take time to develop relationships with others in online communities, showcase your work and develop your own unique style and let it shine ... don't try and copy other's styles that you think are more in line with what they are looking for, keep true to your style. Keep applying and eventually you will get that big break! My second piece of advice would be to be ENTHUSIASTIC when applying! Enthusiasm is contagious and everyone is going to want a piece of it if you let it shine through!

Do you have your own scrapbook room or space? 
I scrapbook in my kitchen on my island, I do my best creating while standing! I have a storage space in my home office and in a hall closet for my supplies - I joke I get a workout just running back and forth to get supplies while scrapping! I organize my papers all by manufacturer in plastic bins, it makes it easy for me to find what I am looking for. I have all my alphabets and some embellishments on a Clip-It-Up and the rest of my embellies are grouped by holiday, boy, family, quotes, journaling cards, flowers etc in different drawers and storage containers so that I can always see what I have available! I have a lot of scrapbooking kits that I have hanging in clear plastic bags in my closet on pant hangers; another great way to easily see things at a glance.

Let's play a game of "finish the sentence", shall we? Complete these sentences for us ...
  • If I couldn't blog about scrapbooking/crafts, I'd blog about .... Animals! I LOVE all kinds of animals and love stories of the cute things they do!
  • If I could only use 3 supplies (plus adhesive, obviously) on all my future layouts I would choose to work with .... Patterned paper, buttons of all types (flair or just regular buttons) and THICKERS ... can't do without those three things!
  • If I could meet any "famous" scrapbooker/designer for lunch, I'd want to hang out with ... Lisa Bearnson.  I look upon her as the "founder" of scrapbooking and have admired her for many years. It would be a dream come true to meet her in real life! 
Photo Credit: PhillyMag
Okay, since this is the Skyline Paperie blog and I'm an absolute city girl I have to ask .. not including your own city, which city/cities do you love to visit or dream of someday visiting?
I LOVE Philadelphia and Washington, DC ... I have been to them both several times and just love all the history of these cities. I am dreaming of visiting New York City (haven't been yet) and would love to go at Christmas time!

Where can people find you online? 
My blog -
On Pinterest -
And, of course, over at Sketch N Scrap -

A huge thank you to Lisa for taking the time out of her busy schedule to share her work and experience with us! Be sure to swing by her blog to find more of her inspiring ideas.

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  1. Thanks for having my Stephanie! I enjoyed our little "chat"! I look forward to reading about other scrappers in your upcoming features! Neat idea!

  2. Stephanie, this was great! A great feature. It was great meeting Lisa and getting to know her and seeing her work examples. I'm subscribing to your blog because I don't want to miss out on another one of these - you go, girl!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Glad you enjoyed the featured :)

  3. Lovely post ... nice to get behind the scenes with a scrapper behind a challenge blog.


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