Thursday, September 5, 2013

7 Travel Themed Layout Ideas .. That AREN'T About Vacations

Remember earlier this month when I revealed my Suitcase Heart counterfeit kit and promised to provide inspiration on how to use travel themed scrap supplies on layouts that are not actually about trips you've taken? Well, with today's post I am hoping to make good on that promise.

I've compiled a list of 7 different ideas for layouts you can make using papers, stickers, stamps and embellishments that are all vacation and travel themed ... even if your last vacation was months (or years) ago. I hope at least one of these ideas inspires you to put your travel stash to good use.

1. Oh, The Places You'll Go! 
Instead of scrapping about where you've been, scrap about where you want to go. Make a layout about your dream vacation(s), using clippings from magazines, advertisements or pamphlets.

2. You've Come So Far ...
Use your travel supplies on a page that documents how far you, or someone you know, has come in life. Think of a goal you've recently achieved and use supplies like arrows, compasses, etc to help document the "journey" of your success.

3. There's No Place Like Home!
Make a page about your hometown, or current neighborhood, and all the things you love (or hate) about it. This is a great way to use up a sheet of map paper you have lying around in your stash!

4. Oh Darling, Let's Go Be Adventurers ...
Are you, or someone you know, an adventurous spirit? Document that personality trait on a layout using embellishments like airplanes, boats, globes, compasses, etc.

5. Creature Of Habit
Document something you always do on vacation - whether it's hunting down the nearest Starbucks, buying a souvenir keychain or sending home postcards.

6. Words of Wisdom
There are soooo many fabulous quotes out there that would make beautiful titles/journaling on layouts and would go perfectly with some travel embellishments. My favorite is, of course, "Have A Suitcase Heart - Be Ready To Travel" but a quick search on Pinterest will provide hundreds of other options.

7. No Where Else I'd Rather Be 
Where is your favorite place in the whole wide world? If you're like me, the answer to that is: right beside the people I love. Scrap a photo of you and your loved ones, add some travel embellishments and journal about how much you love being surrounded by your favorite people.

Inspired yet? No? Here's a peek of a layout I made using idea #3 and #6 ...

If you visit my YouTube channel (here) you can watch a quick step-by-step video I made on how this layout came to be.

If any of my ideas inspired you, please share a link to your project(s) below! I would love to see how you are thinking outside the box and using up your travel supplies!


  1. Great ideas - I was needing some help with this! L-O-V-E those map letters - off to watch your video to find out more :~)

  2. great inspirations! and i love the sneak peak! i will watch the video in a moment :)

  3. These are some really fantastic ideas. I think I might just have to lift every single one of them! Thanks, Stephanie!

  4. these are all great ideas! I don't get to travel as much as I like but I cannot resist travel themed product! ha ha! I'll be picking your brains for sure!


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