Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Scrapbooking From The Soul

When my husband told me that the next few weeks are going to be busy ones for him at work, I decided an online scrapbook class would be just the thing to keep me entertained. It just so happened that Two Peas in a Bucket was having a 20% off sale and they had just listed a new class by one of my favorite scrappers, the amazingly talented Jill Sprott. Coincidence? Nah .. a picture perfect, scrapbook worthy alignment of the stars is how I'd describe it! I also scooped up Wilna Furstenberg's art class, which I'm planning to begin next month.

Jill's class, which is really a mini, self-paced workshop, consists of 60 pages of material which she has divided into three chapters. Each chapter also includes a video that shows key concepts of the class in action. It's a journaling class, but it's also a class on how to make pages more meaningful ... or, as Jill puts it, how to make pages that feel authentic.

I used to journal quite a bit on my layouts and the story behind the photo was often the focal point of my whole page. As I began to experiment with new techniques and trends I eventually shifted away from paragraphs of journaling and instead made layouts with little or no journaling, allowing the photos to speak for themselves. Recently, though, I've missed seeing my thoughts on my pages. I'd like to get back to including more writing in my scrapbooks. I doubt I'll journal on every single page the way I used to, but I'm hoping to make more of an effort to include at least a quick blurb capturing the highlights.

Here is a page I made, inspired by Chapter 1 of Jill's class. In chapter 1, Jill encouraged us to "listen" to the photo and write what you see when you look at the picture in front of you.

I took two photos from my wedding day and focused on capturing the emotions I felt as I was getting ready that morning. 

Is anyone else taking Jill's class? What are your thoughts when it comes to journaling on a layout ... are you a simple who/when/where kinda scrapper, or are you a storyteller scrapper who prefers to dig deeper? 

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  1. How am I only discovering this now? It's bittersweet, now that Two Peas is closing. Thank you so much for this wonderful post (and for sharing that fantastic layout!).


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