Monday, April 1, 2013

Counterfeit Kit Challenge - April

In November, I finally took the plunge and subscribed to the Studio Calico kit club. For $40 a month (including shipping to Canada) I get a box full of exclusive goodies delivered right to my door. I LOVE these monthly kits! The kits are assembled by a professional team of designers and so everything - from the cardstock to the alphabet stickers to the embellishments - coordinates and works well together without being too "matchy matchy". It has made scrapbooking so much easier for me as I don't have to rummage through my stash trying to find the perfect piece to complete my project. I also love that the Studio Calico kits feature the newest products and lines; they are always trendy and a great introduction to what's on the market.

That said, the convenience of the kits does have a draw-back: I tend to work with the kits only and neglect everything else I own. Papers I bought at the local scrapbook store sit unused for months ... embellishments never make it onto a page. With the kit at my finger tips, I often forget about all the other gems in my collection.

Luckily, I think I've found a solution to this problem! I found a blog called The Counterfeit Kit Challenge. Every month, they pick a kit that's currently on sale and then they create their own versions of the kit using goodies they already have in their stash. Then, throughout the month, they post prompts and challenges to help you find ways to use the things in the kit. Seriously, such a genius idea. I think by assembling my non-Studio Calico paper goodies into kits I'll be more inspired to reach for them.

This month, the group is counterfeiting the Gossamer Blue kit. Check out this beauty:
The kit retails for $34.95 and includes a bunch of fun things - 

4 sheets of cardstock
10 pieces of patterned paper 
2 packages of alphabet stickers
Circle Tags
Enamel Dots
Label Stickers
Chipboard Buttons

Here is my version of the Gossamer Blue kit. I was immediately inspired by the label stickers (bottom right corner of the photo above) because I knew I had similar ones in my stash. I dug them out and built the rest of the kit around those little stickers, trying to match colors. Here's what I came up with:

I'm super stoked to work with this kit! And yes, it was assembled using ONLY products I already had in my stash. It's obviously very different from the original Gossamer Blue kit, but it does have several similar elements ... the label stickers, the block/square alphabet, even patterned paper with yellow hearts.

If you decide to join in on this month's counterfeit challenge (and I hope you do!) my recommendation would be to choose one element from the original kit ... a specific product, the color scheme, a design from one of the papers ... and use that as the foundation for the kit you create. After all, the point isn't necessarily to make an exact replica but to re-discover products you own and put them to good use.

Be sure to check in later this month to see how I'm using my counterfeit kit! My goal is to make 2 layouts and 3 cards! Happy crafting!


  1. I LOVE your kit! All those pretty stickers too!

  2. BEAUTIFUL kit! Love how you drew inspiration for the entire kit from one element alone!

  3. Thank you ladies, I am very excited to use these goodies. They've been in my stash for ages!

  4. What a bounty of beautiful stash!! Have lots of fun playing and feeling soooo good about using up old bits and bobs :0)

  5. absolutely beautiful kit - well done. I love your colour scheme, have fun scrapbooking with that.

  6. fab! Love how you brightened it up and that you were inspired by something other than the paper...loving the gold ribbon and your choice of brads :0 Shoot for the stars and give us 4 layouts can always use your SC scraps in the CKC kits too!

  7. Well done on getting your neglected supplies together into such a lovely kit! Love the touches of gold ... what will you do if we pick a Studio Calico Kit to counterfeit I wonder ;-)

  8. I love the warm and cozy look of your kit. I'd say you are very good at counterfeiting already. You will find it very addictive - I know I did.

  9. Welcome to the CKC blog!!! I love playing along over there and have been using tons of my own stash each month! Your kit turned out exceptionally lovely and I can't wait to see the layouts and cards you create with it!

  10. Thanks for joining us this month, great kit!

  11. Ooh, welcome to counterfeiting, you've started very well! Love the colours in your kit, and how you built it all from the sheet of label stickers! x

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog, Stephanie! I am so happy to be visiting yours, too! I love your kit-such pretty, soft colors! Can't wait to see your projects this month. :)


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